07 March 2012 @ 01:17 pm
I'm back from Shanghai! Actually, I've been back for almost exactly 1 week now but since I started my Internal Medicine sub-internship the day after I got back, I've been really busy and jet-lagged since. And I have to work weekends so it's not like I can catch up then. So, here I am, writing a quick post while at work.

Anyway, I've missed a lot while I was in China because of the crappy Internet connection I had at my hotel. But it's not like I had a lot of sit-in-my-hotel-room-and-do-nothing moments; I was always out, eating, shopping, partying, etc. But still, I've missed my Arashi fixes and on my online friends. And there is no way I'm gonna be able to catch up on a month's worth of news, so if I have missed something important or just particularly interesting in your life, please tell me!

On my end, Match Week starts next Monday. So I'll find out whether I have somewhere to go in July or need to spend a week begging any program to take me by 11AM on Monday. I'm trying not to think too much about it 'cause if I do, I'll probably go into a panic attack. I'm fully prepared to scramble but I still want to cling to the hope that some program will just take me. Wish me luck!

Shanghai hijinks posts to come, once I have more time and can organize my thoughts.
Current Mood: sick
Current Music: *workroom noises*
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