15 November 2011 @ 04:09 pm
Now the fan on my laptop is broken. I think my laptop is slowly dying, one piece at a time. And now I'm trying to find a replacement fan assembly for cheap, and getting one of my friends to help replace it for me. Gah, like I need this right now! Nothing in my life is going right.
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14 November 2011 @ 06:52 pm
Bad news: my laptop battery is dead. Like, DEAD. It gives me an error message that states that the battery cannot recharge and that I should get a new battery. It happened suddenly and randomly. Granted, the battery was 3 years old and the life was slowly but surely shortening, but still, at least it could still function. Now my laptop has become a desktop; without the adapter, my laptop shuts off completely.

Good news: I bought a new replacement battery for $23. And since it's off of Amazon and I already bought an Amazon gift card off of [ profile] katmillia (thank you!), I ultimately only paid $0.48 for it. So I will (hopefully) have a brand new battery with fresh life within 2 weeks.

What annoys me is that apparently Lenovo has had battery recalls and replacements for issues exactly like what I have. Only the recall expired? I don't understand why. A free battery would've been nice, Lenovo! Especially since I'm pretty sure batteries aren't supposed to completely DIE without warning overnight.
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