17 November 2011 @ 08:44 pm
I feel like I've been on hiatus without meaning to. It's been kinda hectic this month. I've gone on 4 interviews so far and I have another one tomorrow. And right now, I'm really stressed because I haven't had any more interview offers come in. At this point, I'm really afraid that I won't match for a residency for next year.

I haven't properly fangirled about stuff in a long time, and there's so many things to fangirl about! I just got KinKi's new album in the mail and it is GORGEOUS. I haven't even listened to everything yet but just the packaging is fantastic. And the pictures! They both look so fabulous in the pictures.

And while Arashi's new single doesn't really wow me, I kinda love their new PV. They're finally getting back to the more fun and dorky roots. Sure, the colors are really dark and muted, but the spirit of the PV is really fun. Very reminiscent of the "Happiness" PV, except with a dark palette.

Last but not least, Sho's new drama! I love it! And not just because it's Sho and he plays a sexy butler. I love mystery stories, and while these mysteries have plotholes up the whazoo, it keeps me watching, guessing, and entertained. So far, my favorite scene has to be this:

Is it surprising that Sho is best when he's acting like he's being abused?

And Keiko! She is freakin' awesome. I think she's gorgeous and has amazing range as an actress. And this is the best face ever:

Current Mood: amused
Current Music: *silence*
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