02 May 2012 @ 10:46 pm
I got my graduation regalia yesterday and I tried it on. I look so grown-up! No more short white coat for me!

I can't believe I'm about to graduate and get my MD soon. I'm gonna be a doctor in just a little over a week! It's kind of a terrifying thought 'cause I feel like I still know nothing from these past 4 years. I guess that's what these final weeks of lectures are supposed to be for: reinforcement. I found out today that I know practically nothing about hyponatremia. My senior residents are gonna hate me 'cause I'm gonna be paging them like crazy my first year. Please don't let me kill any patients! XD

But I'm excited about this month and summer. Aside from graduation festivities, I'm probably closing on my condo tomorrow. And then there's the gala AKA med school prom on Friday. Senior picnic on Sunday. Brewers/Cubs game next Friday with practically the whole class going. Graduation on the 18th. I leave for China on the 23rd for 3 weeks. And on the way back to the States... I have a 49-hour layover in Tokyo!!! Guys, I finally get to visit Japan! So before the life is sucked out of me by residency, I can at least fulfill a little dream.
Current Music: *Gilmore Girls*
Current Mood: cheerful
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